FL Studio for Mac


Latest version:

FL Studio OS X Alpha (0.1)


Do I need to buy FL Studio again for Mac as a registered customer with a ‘Windows’ license?

No, Scott confirmed the following on the Image Line forums:

Existing licenses will work cross-platform. The company that pioneered Lifetime Free Updates and (almost) unlimited simultaneous installations and low-hassle unlock procedures, is not going to slug you (again) to use FL Studio on a Mac 🙂

Will my Windows .flp files work on the Mac version?

Yes, Windows FL Studio projects can be opened in the Mac version. Furthermore, FL Studio will try to find the Mac version of third party plugins (when they have the same name or plugin ID) when you open existing projects.

Will the Mac version be available in both 32 and 64 bit?

The native Mac version will be just 32-bit for now. Delphi does not have a 64 Bit OS X compiler yet. Since the groundwork for the 64-bit version is already done, a 64-bit version should be available pretty quickly once Delphi supports it.

Does FL Studio for Mac support Mac VST or AU plugins?

Not yet, but those two are on the list of features Image Line intends to have. They already have VST and AU wrappers on OS X in Minihost Modular, so there is experience there.


Many people are patiently waiting on a native FL Studio for Mac version. For musicians switching to a Mac for music production, FL Studio remains one of the biggest absentees on OSX.

For years it was nearly impossible to port FL Studio over to Mac because the software is written in Delphi (which was Windows/PC only until recently) and it also makes heavy use of the Windows API.

Now there is actual progress being made since Delphi has supported OS X as well.

Jean-Marie Cannie, Image Line’s CTO first confirmed an FL Studio for Mac being in development.

The releases of the OS X VST Plugins paved the way for the full FL Studio being ported to Mac. Be sure to try those out in your current Mac DAW.

Image Line has officially changed their Mac Knowledge Base article to confirm the actual development of the Mac Version:

Well, the plugin testing is progressing nicely, and so the team has turned their attention to FL Studio 12 itself. It’s a long and slow process and we can’t make any promises yet, since we may come across unexpected and or unsolvable technical problems. But work is indeed under way.


Will this impact on the development of FL Studio for Windows?

No, the team working on the conversion to OS X is completely separate from the Windows development team. They talk, but don’t share any bodies that we know of, so it’s business as usual on the Microsoft side of things.

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The only way to get FL Studio up and running stable on your Mac right now would be to create a Windows partition with help of Bootcamp and install FL Studio on that. Here’s what you need:

– a legal copy of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows XP
– an Intel-based Mac (which are all modern Macs from 2006/2007 onwards)
– Bootcamp Assistant
– a few spare hours

After going through the installation process you can install FL Studio 12 and your favorite plugins on your Windows partition and boot up Windows whenever you want to use FL Studio. It is wise to use an external audio interface, because Mac’s Core Audio doesn’t provide the best latency and performance under Windows. Other than that, FL Studio runs the same under Bootcamp as on any other Windows PC.


In cooperation with Codeweavers, Image Line has released a Mac version that runs through Crossover 12.5, a wrapper for Windows applications.

Latest Version:

FL Studio 12.0.2 Crossover

Because Image Line is now natively developing for OS X the Crossover version will not be further developed.

With this version you’ll get an FL Studio that you can launch from your Mac OS, however, Image Line states that this version is ‘provided as is’ and that they can’t guarantee third party VST support. If this version isn’t somehow running stable on your Mac, you’re advised to run FL Studio under Bootcamp. Please check out the videos below for further clarification:

You can download FL Studio for Mac through this link: http://support.image-line.com/redirect/OSX_WrapBeta_FL12

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