FL Studio 12 OS X Alpha 0.9 Now Available

FL Studio 12 OS X Alpha 0.9 Now Available

There’s a new alpha out for the OS X Native Mac version of FL Studio. It puts it up to par with the Windows version and has support for several plugins among other things:


  • All the latest fixes for Windows version
  • New plugins supported: Effector, Fruity Multiband Compressor, Fruity Video Player,
  • Limited support for ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin (no export or webcam, several effects and presets not working yet)
  • Bugfix: Error when changing preset in FPC
  • Bugfix: Error when closing VST with Esc
  • Mouse cursors now use retina resolution
  • Fix for pop-up menu disappearing in WaveShaper
  • Removed 3rd party VST presets
  • Fix for black mouse cursor appearing when dragging windows
  • More presets/effects working in ZgeViz)

Download here: FL Studio Mac Alpha 0.9

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  1. MiLoS
    July 30, 2016 at 3:31 am Reply

    This Version of FL Studio for Mac support Mac VST or AU plugins???

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