FL Studio 12.3 Beta 5 Now Available

FL Studio 12.3 Beta 5 Now Available

There’s a new FL Studio beta out. Check below to see what’s new in 12.3 Beta 5:

  • IL Remote feedback is now always on
  • Improvements to “Align all channel editors” option
  • New option to disengage the record button when recording stops
  • New option to move all windows to visible positions
  • Parametric EQ 2: added key selection for nodes
  • Removed automatic “envelope” and “LFO” text on clips
  • Transient Processor no longer has occasional silence in demo mode


  • Auto-unarm displays unarmed tracks as still armed
  • Can’t favorite some VST3 plugins
  • Channel rack: automatic resizing problems
  • Delay bank: orange ring on some checkboxes
  • Error selecting multiple samples in open dialog
  • FPC: ghost image on GUI
  • Granulizer: custom channel name lost on song reload
  • Import of old tempo automation isn’t always correct
  • Loop recording doesn’t mute recorded clips
  • Love Philter steals note messages for devices locked to channels
  • Maximus: crash with multiple instances
  • Patcher: controls don’t respond to controller input when tweaked with mouse
  • Piano roll: automatic key style changes are saved over user chosen one
  • Piano roll: slide and poly disappear sometimes
  • Play truncated notes not active until disabled and re-enabled
  • Razer Chroma: various bugs
  • Recorded loop doesn’t show up in some cases
  • State of mute and sync checkboxes in tempo tapper isn’t remembered
  • Sytrus: info text for Gasmotron preset has X and Y reversed
  • Sytrus: wrong labels on chorus panel
  • Time hint always shown when scroll lock is on
  • Wrapper: crashes when parameters in bridged plugins are automated
  • Wrapper: fix for lost connection in plugin bridge is not always on
  • ZGE Visualizer: various bugs

Download here: FL Studio 12.3 Beta 5

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