FL Studio 11.0.1 Update

Here’s the first update for FL Studio 11 that was released by Image Line on May 6th and should fix the following bugs:

  • bugfixes in pianoroll and playlist
  • change to sysex for Panorama device
  • Patcher: fixed bug loading old VST plugin settings
  • Patcher: fixed bug adding (sub) Patcher preset with open surface tab
  • Control Surface: fixed loading back links to controllers in FL
  • Control Surface: fixed response to automation from other internal controller
  • Control Surface: fixed reporting XY control changes to host
  • Control Surface: fixed slider handle size when pasting colors
  • Control Surface: fixed saving/loading XY color
  • Control Surface: fixed adjusting slider properties to slider size
  • fixes to Seamless songs
  • Wrapper: fixed plugin bridge
  • GMS: fixed various crashing bugs
  • Effector: small fix
  • fix to Akai APC support

Download the 11.0.1. Update from Image Line’s servers: Click here

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